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Black women and girls are inherently valuable.

Black Feminist Organizing School

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What is Some Of Us Are Brave: Black Feminist Organizing School
To better equip our organizations and movements to build the power of people, we must build the capacity of movements by creating spaces for continuing education, consciousness building, and training of activists and leaders who are on the frontlines. We need more organizers and activists who are trained and refreshed and are leading with Black feminist liberatory frameworks, deepened gender justice analysis development and skills building practices to help advance our many social movements for liberatory change where Black women and girls are centered. Black Feminist Futures wants to help fill this gap in our movements by launching the Black Feminist Organizing School(BFOS)in August 2018. 
The BFOS intends to teach and train Black organizers and activists in key concepts, terminology, ideologies, and skills to strengthen their Black feminist knowledge, theories, application, strategy development, individual leadership, and movement building. 
During this 4 day/3 night intensive, Black feminist organizers can expect a thorough, deeply engaging, and challenging agenda and curriculum created and delivered by some of the foremost Black feminist organizers and thinkers in the US. The agenda will focus on the histories, ideologies, and frameworks of Black feminisms and support a deeper engagement with the creation and maintenance of systems power and oppression. There will also be opportunities for application and practice of concepts.
When: August 21- August 24, 2018
Where: Highlander Center

Who can attend:
This training is for those who identify as Black feminist organizers and activists. This means they must be a part of campaigns, projects, organizations, and/or broader movement and are using organizing as a primary strategy to build power and shift conditions. This school is open to those who might be newer to Black feminisms, and preference may be given to those who are looking to advance their knowledge and skill around Black feminist theories and practice.
This organizing school is for those who have the lived experience of being a Black woman or girl. The responses in the BFOS survey has led the Black Feminist Future team to make this decision. This is an expansive term and includes trans people, gender non conforming people, studs, bois, femmes, and non-trans/cis Black women. There will be future opportunities to include cis Black men in future schools. For the pilot year of the school, there will be space for 25 participants. In order to attend the Organizing School, all applicants must apply and will be selected by the Black Feminist Future Advisory Committee. If you are selected, we will require that all participants must be able to attend the BFOS for its entirety.
Deadline to apply is June 26th

How much is the BFOS?
The fee to attend the BFOS is $750.00 per applicant. At this time, Black Feminist Futures does not receive funding to be able to organize the BFOS at a fee cheaper than this. Your fee will include: lodging, food and snacks, curriculum and training from the BFOS team for 4 days/3 nights. You will also be responsible for your travel to and from the Highlander Center. At this time we can not provide scholarships. For those who are interested in fundraising, we are willing to provide information on how to fundraise to attend the BFOS.

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