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launching freedom dreams 2016

Black Feminist Future team is excited to provide much needed space for Black feminists to discuss, strategize, and prioritize the current political moment and what it means for those of us who have the lived experience of being a Black woman or girl. Still pumped by the overwhelming and generous reception to the Visioning Salons in 2014- 2015, we knew it was time to hit the road again and create this much needed space, synergy, and opportunity for 2016. 
This year the Visioning Salon is called Freedom Dreams: Black Feminist Visioning Our Political Future. This strategy space is one for re-imagining the political landscape and one that centers the dignity, leadership, and vision of Black women and girls. Learn more here!

freedom Dreams dallas

Friday september 23, 2016


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Learn More about BFF

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Learn about the Visioning Salon Process

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After 5 incredible Visioning Salons attended by 125 Black women and girls across the country, we are excited to share the lesson and next steps from the Visioning Salon process. Click this link to watch both the video and Prezi from the Black Feminist Future Report Back and Next Steps Google Hangout.