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Red Bike & Green and Black Feminist Future present

The 2015 Black Freedom Bike Tour

On July 1st, 10 riders, 2 tour leaders, and 1 bike tour manager will embark on a 6 Day 300+ mile adventure as we pedal from Atlanta, GA to the Combahee River|St. Helena Island. During this one of kind experience we will pedal through the South learning practical skills, building relationships, connecting with our environments, and celebrating/honoring those who have come before, those who are still coming, and our commitment to freedom and liberation. Keep us lifted as we pedal, as we are in remembrance, celebration, rebellion, and resistance. Here are ways how:

  1. Light a candle for us, put our names on your altars, think about us. We think of our bikes as traveling altars and we will be brining offerings to the Combahee River for all of us!
  2. Follow our journey on Facebook! Post messages of support and love. We will read them and we will need them.
  3. If you are in Atlanta, join us for the Black Freedom Bike Tour Potluck and Send off! RSVP by clicking the link!
  4. Donate! Buy a meal or supplies for a rider! Everything counts.

meet the 2015 Black Freedom Bike Tour crew

10 Adventure seekers from across the country + 2 Tour Leaders + 1 Bike Tour Manager= An epic Black feminist bike tour  from Atlanta, GA to the Combahee River|St. Helena Island, SC. Learn more about this fierce crew by clicking here!

about black feminist future

Learn More about BFF

Learn More about BFF

Learn about the Visioning Salon Process

Learn about the Visioning Salon Process

Connect with Black Feminist Future

Connect with Black Feminist Future

Donate to Black Feminist Future

After 5 incredible Visioning Salons attended by 125 Black women and girls across the country, we are excited to share the lesson and next steps from the Visioning Salon process. Click this link to watch both the video and Prezi from the Black Feminist Future Report Back and Next Steps Google Hangout.