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Black women and girls are inherently valuable.

Black Feminist Organizing School

As more Black people are being activated to join movements and beginning the process of shaping their newly developed analysis and identity, how are they being politicized and trained on key concepts? Where are the spaces for experienced activists/leaders to deepen and refresh their learning around key concepts and analysis that supports continued knowledge and skill development?

As we demand that our organizing work and the world that we are building be intersectional and Black feminist, where are the spaces for folks to learn/unlearn and better understand the systemic nature of white supremacy, heteropatriarchy, transmisogyny, racial capitalism, and patriarchal violence and how to organize to dismantle them?

While there are many questions, there is a clear charge: we need more organizers and activists who are trained/refreshed  in liberatory frameworks, deepened analysis development and skills building practices to help advance our many social movements for liberatory change.

Black Feminist Futures wants to help fill this gap in our movements by launching a Black Feminist Organizing School in 2018!


The goals of the Black Feminist Organizing School are:

  • To deepen and strengthen the consciousness, analysis, and organizing capacity of Black feminist leaders engaged in movement/social change work

  • To provide a space for study, training, and engagement around key concepts such as black feminist thought, intersectionality, what is power, what is organizing and organizing with a Black feminist lens, gender and sexuality, and beyond

  • To develop and/or sharpen practical organizing skills that will strengthen participants own ability organizing and base building work that centers Black feminisms

Our first step in the process is to co-create this Organizing School with you. This survey is an invitation to Black feminists to share what you would like to learn, who you would like to train you, and who the space is for.

And we are looking for partners for facilitation, curriculum and sponsorship. If you think this is you, connect with us at

Take the survey and help us develop the content and trainers for the Black Feminist School 2018!