the Black feminist organizing schools

Consciousness. Analysis. Power.


At Black Feminist Future, we know that black feminism is more than just words or an identity. Black feminism is an ideology and organizing praxis that has been the backbone of social change around the world. We developed The Black Feminist Organizing Schools because activists, leaders, and organizers asked for it! Seasoned organizers and newer activists asked for a dedicated space to deepen their consciousness, analysis, and power in our to lead cutting edge campaigns, organize their communities, and win concrete change for our people. We know the work our movements have set out to do is hard and necessary, and we need more organizers who are equipped with the analysis and skills to drive political change rooted in a radical, liberatory Black feminist ideology, which when implemented correctly, makes it possible for us all to live, healthy, fruitful lives.

In 2018, we launched our first Black Feminist Organizing School, Some Of Us Are Brave, as a dedicated space for Black feminist organizers to strengthening the analysis and skills of social movement leaders who are working on the frontlines of radical and revolutionary social change. By offering continuing education, consciousness building, and training, BFF provide a rigorous approach to leadership development through a Black feminist, liberatory framework that places the well-being of those who have the lived experience of Black women and girls as a benchmark for liberation.

For The Black Feminist Organizing Schools, we seek the leading organizers, scholars, strategist, etc. in a variety of fields and expertise to serve as faculty and provide thought provoking workshops, interactive activities, debates, political education and more focused on the many dimensions of Black feminisms.

Some of Us Are Brave: Black Feminist Organizing School for Organizers

Some Of Us Are Brave(SOUAB), the flagship organizing school of Black Feminist Future, teaches and trains Black organizers and activists in key concepts, terminology, ideologies, and skills in Black feminist theory and practice. Through lectures, discussion, and interactive workshops, we support movement makers in deepening their understanding and practice of Black feminisms to build intersectional, powerful, and successful movements.
During this four-day three-night intensive, Black feminist organizers will be trained by some of the foremost Black feminist organizers and thinkers in the United States. The curriculum and agenda designed by the trainers and SOUAB organizers, will focus on the histories, ideologies, and frameworks of Black feminisms and offer a deeper engagement with the creation and maintenance of systems power and oppression.

Some Of Us Are Brave: Black Feminist Organizing School for Organizers 2019 Faculty

2019-09-25 (1).png

M Adams

Area of focus: Black feminist political economies

2019-09-25 (5).png

Charlene Carruthers

Area of focus: History of Black feminisms and organizing

2019-09-25 (3).png

Mariame Kaba

Workshops: History of 19th century Black socialist feminist and What to do when harm happens?

2019-09-25 (4).png

Rosemary Ndubuizi

Area of focus: Black feminist political economies

2019-09-25 (2).png

Shanelle Matthews

Workshops: Zora’s Salon with guest Raquel Willis and Building Black feminist narrative power


Jamala Rogers

Area of focus: Movement chakras and praxis of Black feminist organizing