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Black women and girls are inherently valuable.


 susu: a black feminist giving circle

Black Feminist Future is excited to be launching a necessary movement intervention meant to connect Black feminists with an opportunity to connect their politics to collaborative giving in order to resource movements for transformative change. Join us!


A susu is common practice in African descendant communities where Black women are able to build wealth, financial security and independence beyond traditional financial institutions. Black women contribute monthly knowing that when needed or when their time in the rotation comes, they receive the collective pot of funds not just their contribution. Susus are in the tradition of giving circles, tithing, and other cooperative economic practices that Black women have used to build wealth, practice collective economics, and financially maintain institutions.

SUSU will function similarly. SUSU members will make their monthly donation(ranging from $50-$250 a month)  to the collective pot along with other SUSU members.  SUSU members will actively participate in collective decision making and will generate a docket of projects to learn more about and fund. Quarterly, your donations will be a part of a larger, cumulative sum donation to a Black feminist organization(s), individual, or project. This project is an initiative of Black Feminist Future.

The goals of SUSU: A Black Feminist Giving Circle are:

  • To grow and cultivate a community of Black feminist donors who want to make the connection between their radical social justice politics and giving in order to fund visionary projects, ideas, and interventions
  • To build a learning community engaged in learning about and investing in Black feminist work that center those who have the lived experience of being a Black woman or girl on the local, national, and international level
  • To reimagine and shift giving and donor culture from one that often focuses on the wealthy few to a collaborative of Black feminists learning, building, and giving together

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Our first circle will have 12 members. The requirements of participation are:

  • Have the lived experience of being a Black woman or girl
  • Identifies as a Black feminist and actively engages those values and principles
  • Can make a one year commitment to active participation which includes:
    • Quarterly calls
    • Reading and promptly responding to email
    • Attending one in person retreat
    • Making your monthly contribution

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