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Black Feminisms Forum


Black Feminisms Forum

  • Costa de Sauipe, Bahia, Brazil

Black feminists are building and resisting globally!

From Fees Must Fall in South Africa, to land occupations in Colombia and the movements for Black lives in the U.S, Black feminists are at the forefront of global struggle for social justice.  

Bahia, Brazil is a region of significance in Black freedom movements, so Black feminists seized the moment to create a historic global gathering of over 200 hundred Black feminists over two days just before the AWID Forum.

The Black Feminisms Forum (BFF) was a global movement-building process co-created by Black feminist artists, activists, agitators and creators that culminated in the gathering.  

The BFF process celebrates the contribution of, provides a space for cross movement exchange and strategizing amongst, and deepens solidarity between, Black feminists around the world. The program of the BFF convening wove together art, ritual, panels, workshops, healing, celebration, mourning and solidarity.